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POSITION: Team Leader/counselor

CAMP PHILOSOPHY: SuperKidz Kamp is guided by the belief that all children are gifted and talented. And that a learning environment which is challenging, enjoyable and based on sound educational principles will promote self-esteem and help children achieve their full potential.

CAMP STANDARDS: Safety, growth, friendship, fun, and efficiency.

DESCRIPTION: The primary responsibility of all staff members is the safety and well being of the camper. Staff members are to work with in the parameters of the program to help the camper establish friendships and have a fun-filled, growth experience. More specifically, staff member are to: Create a sense of community. Supervise campers. Facilitate growth experiences. Conduct mini-discussion groups. Conduct workshops. Oversee camping activities. Attend review meetings. Have fun.

ACCOUNTABILITY: The team leader/counselor is directly responsible to the Director or his designee.


Establish a positive relationship with each camper and staff member
Provide direct supervision and care for a group of SuperKidz Kampers on a 24-hour basis
Assist and participate in all program activities
Assume responsibility for leadership, discipline and other tasks as the need arises
Create a positive atmosphere and community
Lead recreational and other camp related activities
Maintain camp property
Participate in staff training
Promote the ideals of the camp
Assist in the set up and break down of the camp
Notify the camp administration of camper’s illnesses and injuries
Have fun


18 years of age or older
At least 1 year of college
Good English language skills
Enjoys working with 11 –17 year olds
Team player
Hard Worker

DATES: The dates of employment will be from 8:00am, Friday, August 12th to 3:00pm, Saturday, August 20th. There is a two day orientation.  Camp begins on the 14th. 
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“SuperKidz Kamp is dedicated to the belief that all children are gifted and talented.”