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What Parents Have to Say

After each camp session, we call parents to get their thoughts about their child’s camp experience at SuperKidz Kamp. Here’s what some of them had to say.

Frankly, at first I thought the camp was too expensive. But after seeing its effect on Urenna, I felt I got more that my money’s worth. Initially Urenna didn’t want to go. But when we came to get her, she didn’t want to leave. She really liked the candle light ceremony. The experience allowed her to grow. I also discovered another side of her. I’ve discovered she can be outgoing, can tell jokes and be a leader.

Vallerie Cleveland


“Christian had a wonderful time…” “I noticed when he came home; he seemed more responsible and seems to be more independent. Camp was a wonderful experience and made his summer memorable.” “Christian wants to come back next year."

Geri Dougherty


“Dominique liked everything…being around the other kids, games with the counselors…everything.” “I think it’s a great camp.” “She talked about the other kids and wants to see them again.”

William Daniels


“Robert Jr. liked the challenges. He feels a little bigger because he met those challenges. He not only had a good camping experience, but also a good emotional and spiritual experience."

Robert Perry


“It was a great experience for the kids [Jahnese, John, and James] and they came back better than when they left. They had more of a sense of togetherness and cooperation. James, who tends to like to be the leader, found that it was ok to let others go first -- it didn’t diminish him.” “ And I [mom]…got some rest."

Lorraine Alston


"I think SuperKidz Kamp was great!" I like the way Josh came back…he was more self-assured and he volunteers more. Since returning from camp Josh has cooked breakfast for us many times.  Sometimes it’s good for a child to get the same message from someone other than Mommy and Daddy. I wanted him to experience being independent of us."

Kathy Lisenco


"Dyllan had an absolutely wonderful time. He has now enlisted his brother, and his cousin, and they all want to come. And they asked me about two or three times "Aren’t they going to do it again this year before the summer's over. I liked that he did some things that normally he might have felt trepidation about like the midnight hike. He stretched. He had a wonderful experience. I liked that things were presented in a way that was positive. Thank you so much for Dyllan’s wonderful learning experience."

Joan Gibbs


"Tania didn’t enjoy the bugs for sure, but SuperKidz Kamp was wonderful for her.  I liked the way he (Doc) got the parents to interact on the first day.  It was reassuring to be introduced to the other parents, counselors and kids. I liked the woodsy atmosphere. Tania let me know it was nice, well-kept, and well-organized.  She liked the cooking and helping. She had a nice time-the kids weren’t rowdy. The counselors were extraordinary…Tania is crazy about her counselor (Kareemah).  She was so excited about the whole experience."

Tonya Christopher


"Jordan really liked the food.  (He likes to eat.)  He also raved about being able to cook. I liked the fact that he learned how it feels to be away and I learned to deal with my separation anxiety”.

Maudeena Jones