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What Your Youngster Should Bring to Camp


Limit what you bring to what is absolutely necessary.  Make sure every item is marked with your child’s full name. We provide this list as a guideline.



Sleeping bag or sheet w/two blankets

t-shirts and summer tops

Pillow and pillow case

Long and short pants


sweater & jacket

Two towels & a washcloth

Underwear & socks

Toothbrush & toothpaste

Extra shoes or sneakers

Feminine Hygiene products


Necessary medications in
original bottle w/ dosage

Poncho or rain coat

Soap & shampoo

Pajamas (robe optional)

Sun screen

Stamps & station ery

Shower shoes/flip flops

A board game

Hobby materials

Favorite book

Bug Spray

Canteen or water bottle

Comb & brush


Swim cap and earplugs

Camera and film

Swim Suit

Laundry bag

Musical instrument

One casual dress outfit

Sleeping bag or sheets and blankets? A sleeping bag while not absolutely necessary is just more convenient especially when we sleep out. In the morning, it is easier to straighten than sheets and blankets. In the interests of comfort and hygiene, however, you should equip the sleeping bag with washable liner sheets (two, so that one can be laundered). These liners can either be purchased or made at home from an ordinary flat sheet folded and sewn along the bottom and 2/3 of the way up the side. Some sleeping bags have ties inside for attaching liners; ties should be sewn onto the bottom corners of the liners with this type of bag.

What not to bring: Anything expensive or anything you would be upset about should it be lost or broken. In addition, please do not bring cell phones, water guns, Walkmans or boom boxes, radios/tapeplayers, or other electronic equipment. If you bring cameras or musical instruments etc…. you are responsible for any loss or damage, whether caused by your child or when on loan to a camp friend. Please insure all valuables.

Packing: Items can be packed in a duffel bag, backpack, or suitcase.

Personalizing the clothing list: Our clothing and equipment list is an accurate reflection of what the “average” camper needs and uses in the course of a camp session; however, we realize that it may not be tailor-made for all campers, so while we don’t recommend adding to the list in great quantities, sometimes substitutions are appropriate. Please feel free to personalize the list to suit the needs of your camper.

Laundry: We do not do laundry at SuperKidz Kamp. Please refer to the “What to bring list” and make sure your child has enough clean clothing to last through the week.