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What Your Child will Learn at
SuperKidz Kamp

Campers find SuperKidz Kamp to be an engaging and enjoyable experience, but the purpose of our camp is in fact educational. We want your child to learn the social, emotional, and a intellectual skills that will help him/her become a first-rate team member, an effective leader, and a responsible and productive member of society. Listed below are some of the topics that are covered and skills that are developed during the camp session.

Critical Thinking/Problem Solving: Doing well in most areas of life requires an ability to analyze and evaluate information and to use that information to resolve intellectual or personal dilemmas. SuperKidz Kamp is designed so that campers are required to think critically and solve problems everyday and to see the outcome of their efforts. 

Effective Communication: In order to communicate effectively, we must first listen to understand and then speak to be understood. Throughout the week, campers are introduced to the basic principles of effective communication and given numerous opportunities to apply their knowledge.

Establishing Friendships: Who our children hang out with says so much about who they are and where they are going. At SuperKidz Kamp, we value our campers’ friendships and strive to help them develop the skills necessary to build authentic friendships.

Conflict Resolution: Conflict is inevitable in life, and can result in hurt feelings or fist fights. Conflicts can also lead to stronger friendships and innovative ideas. Our focus is on showing our campers how to effectively manage conflict situations so that the outcome is creative rather than destructive. 

Goal Setting and Achievement: An important component of the building of positive self-esteem and self-confidence is being able to set and achieve challenging goals. At SuperKidz Kamp, campers are taught how to set goals and a how to make plans to achieve those goals. They are given numerous opportunities to test their goal setting and achievement talents. Campers also learn how to apply these skills towards everyday tasks, such as chores, homework and even college applications.

Values Clarification: Where we, as children, were concerned with getting caught talking in class, our children may be invited to sell or take drugs. Where we were concerned with whether we would be invited to a party, our children may be asked to join a gang. Where we were concerned with getting the first kiss, too many of our children feel pressured to engage in casual sex.  The best antidote to the negative influences our children will face is a clear set of positive values. At SuperKidz Kamp, campers are encouraged to become aware of and develop values that will help them resist negative peer pressure.

Meal Preparation: An important part of the SuperKidz Kamp experience is the “soup to nuts” of meal preparation. Campers learn the importance of cleanliness, how to set a table, how to follow a recipe, how to use kitchen utensils, and how to clean up after the meal is done. Because each cabin group is responsible for several entire meals, campers also learn the importance of teamwork and cooperation.

Outdoor Camping Skills: Today few of us have an opportunity to experience the simple pleasures and challenges of living close to nature: hiking through a bright green forest, sitting around a blazing campfire at night while gazing at the stars and cooking bacon and eggs over that same fire in the morning. At SuperKidz Kamp, campers are taught basic outdoor living skills, such as how to set up a tarp, how to start and put out a campfire and how to read a map and use a compass.  Learning these skills increases the campers’ appreciation of nature and their own resources. 

In addition, SuperKidz Kampers learn and develop their artistic and creative skills in Playshop 3 which includes Drumming, African Dance, Arts and Crafts, and Improvisational Acting.