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Step-By-Step Path to Leadership

Youth Leadership Development Program: The aim of our Youth Leadership Development Program is to provide the 11-14 year old camper with the foundational skills needed to be an effective leader.

These foundational skills fall under the general umbrella of Emotional Intelligence and include the development of greater self-awareness, more effective personal decision making, better understanding of otherís feelings, concern for others the. Also part of program is learning to communicate more effectively and to take responsibility for oneís own actions.

Teen Leadership Program: The Teen Leadership Program is the next step in our leadership development program. It's an enriched SuperKidz Kamp experience that is designed to further teach and strengthen the skills needed to lead all types of people. In this program, we make a special effort to provide campers with the skills considered necessary to be successful leaders in a multicultural America.

In addition to the Emotional Intelligence skills developed in our Youth Leadership Development Program, we emphasize setting goals and making plans to achieve them. We also teach our campers conflict resolution and problem solving, including how to understand and connect positively with people who are different from themselves. To participate in the Teen Leadership Program, the camper must be between 15 and 17 years old. Participation in the Youth Leadership Development Program is not required.

Counselor in Training: The Counselor-in-Training (CIT) Program is the final step in our leadership development program. Being a CIT is a wonderful learning experience and provides an opportunity for the CITs to apply their leadership skills while working with younger campers and assisting the camp director. The skills for leading children include being a positive role model and communicating effectively, with a special emphasis on listening and teaching positive behavior and values

By assisting the program director, the camper will learn how to be an effective camp counselor and what goes into directing virtually any kind of organization. All-in-all, CITs refine their leadership skills; acquire a greater sense of responsibility, gain experiences that can go on their resume and have a good time. To be a CIT the camper must be mature, between 15 and 17 years old and have participated in the Teen Leadership Program.