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A Week in the Life of a SuperKidz Kamper



SuperKidz Kamp aims to develop young leaders who have confidence, character and compassion. We do this by providing our campers with a safe, enjoyable, and engaging residential camp experience that will stimulate them to grow personally, socially, and intellectually, while ensuring that they have a good time and make new friends.

At SuperKidz Kamp, we help our campers learn the social, emotional, and behavioral skills needed to be an effective leader by introducing them to role models who will encourage them, invite them to participate in structured and challenging activities that develop their self-confidence, by creating a strong positive peer culture throughout the camp.

As you know, teenagers are highly influenced by other teens. Teens support each other; shape each otherís identities and help each other develop important social skills. In short, peer groups have power.

However, because of a number of unfortunate social influences in our culture, far too many of our children are learning unhealthy attitudes and values. These have led to a generation of young people who are all too often unhappy with themselves and therefore susceptible to negative peer influences.

SuperKidz Kamp actively addresses this problem. From our Opening Orientation to our Closing Ceremony, our program is structured to create peer groups that can greatly encourage our campers to develop skills, values and personal qualities needed to help kids resist negative social influences and to become successful leaders and first-rate team members.

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We also challenge dysfunctional attitudes by putting our campers in situations where they are required to take charge of their lives, They can ask for assistance from their fellow campers, and provide assistance in return. They can also evaluate the contributions of others to their teams' successes and hear others evaluate their own contributions. SuperKidz Kampers see and experience the results of their choices, and learn to (1) believe in themselves, (2) believe in the importance of making positive ethical decisions, and (3) appreciate the contributions of others.

Your child will also learn the importance of being dependable and being on time. Under close supervision SuperKidz Kampers, prepare meals, do dishes, maintain their living areas, and are responsible for keeping the camp and their personal belongings neat and orderly. Parents of campers returning home are often surprised by their child's volunteering to help out around the house.

YOUR CHILD'S SAFETY is our number one priority. SuperKidz Kamp takes place at Conference sites that have been screened for Safety and accredited by the American Camping Association. Furthermore, we maintain a five (5) to one (1) camper counselor ratio. This ratio allows us to make sure that each child is getting the attention that he or she deserves. In this way we ensure the physical and emotional safety of your child. Our camp's safety record is second to none, and we are proud of our reputation for safe camping!

SuperKidz Kamp aims to help our future leaders become responsible, productive members of society by developing their confidence, character, and compassion while seeing to it that they have fun and making good friends.

A week at SuperKidz Kamp will be a week your child will not forget!!!