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What's New and Exciting
For Returning SuperKidz Kampers

At SuperKidz Kamp we are constantly looking for ways to improve the quality of our program. We want all of our campers to develop important life skills, make new friends, have fun, and a memorable camp experience. And we want them to enjoy the traditions that have developed at SuperKidz Kamp. But we also want them to learn new and exciting things about themselves. So for our returning campers, here is what we are adding to SuperKidz Kamp 2012:

  • The Treasure Hunt of Knovignor 
  • Archery
  • A special SuperKidz Kamp Initiation ceremony
  • For some, an invitation to become Counselors-in-Training

For campers who are concerned about their grades, we are including an optional study hour which will include critical thinking, reading, and math enrichment activities.

For our parents who are wondering what their child is doing at SuperKidz Kamp, we have developed a password protected photo gallery that will allow you to see updated pictures of the campers going about their daily activities.

To commemorate the life of an American hero, we have initiated the Martin Luther King, Jr. essay contest. This year’s topic is "If Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Were Alive Today, What Would He Say People Should Do to Help Their Communities?" The deadline to submit the essay is January 19th, Martin Luther King Day.