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“Dedicated to the belief that all children are gifted and talented,” SuperKidz Kamp is a 7-day, fun-filled, residential camping experience for 11 to 17 year olds. We use challenging activities, cooperative games, and opportunities for reflection to develop young leaders who have confidence, character, and compassion.

Develop Your Child's Ability to be a Leader

SuperKidz Kamp is an educationally sound summer camp experience designed to help your child identify, develop and strengthen the social and emotional skills needed to be a good leader and effective team member.


SuperKidz Kamp is a unique summer experience that is about growth, discovery, friendship and fun.  At SuperKidz Kamp, teens become immersed in a positive peer culture that expands their awareness and enhances their self-esteem while helping them develop deep and meaningful friendships.

At SuperKidz Kamp, we offer traditional summer camp activities like hiking, swimming, row boating, and basketball. We also offer the SuperKidz Kamp Playshops™. These Playshops™ are based on the latest research for positive youth development and are used to further develop the camper’s leadership, communication, personal effectiveness and emotional literacy skills.

At SuperKidz Kamp, we help our campers develop the personal skills and disposition needed to be happy, successful and productive young citizens. Each day is designed to ensure that the camper has an experience that is safe, fun, meaningful and memorable.


Sunday, August 12th to Saturday, August 18th

SuperKidz Kamp is a wonderful program for children. Teaches them discipline, survival and craftwork in a fun way. My son came home excited and it was actually his first time away from home without us.
-Terrence Kinderel
SuperKidz Kamp was a fun filled, empowering experience for my sons. They got to make new friends and learn more about themselves. They can’t wait to go back next summer.
-Faith Pennant
SuperKidz Kamp is a great experience for your child to learn about herself, to celebrate differences and to embrace new experiences. Thank you for providing a wonderful camp experience for my daughter. She has attended SuperKidz Kamp for two years and is looking forward to this year. SuperKidz Kamp provided her with an open forum to express her ideas and to continue to develop positive self-esteem.
She especially liked the trust exercises and group activities.
-Janice Fowler

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